Friday, April 13, 2012


The Energy Conservatory's first app for the iPhone & iPad.

The free iTEC RESNET (Ver 1.0) App makes it easy to comply with the data collection and reporting requirements of the new RESNET One Point Airtightness Test, as specified in Chapter 8 of the RESNET Performance Testing Standards. iTEC RESNET allows the user to manually enter the required Blower Door airtightness data, calculate test results, record customer and building information, display test results and email an HTML report. In addition, project files can be geotagged, time stamped and a single photograph from the camera roll can be linked to the project file. Finally, the application can email a project test file that is compatible with their new TECTITE 4.0 Blower Door PC software.

You can find the iTEC-RESNET app in the App Store by clicking in the
QR Code iTEC RESNET on iTunessearch box and typing "resnet".  You can also click on this link for the iTunes website.  With your iPhone or connected iPad you can scan the code to the right.

There is not an Android version as of yet.

The Energy Conservatory writes custom software designed specifically for use with their diagnostic tools. Their software products makes it easier to diagnose, document and solve performance problems in buildings.  Visit their Software page for more information.

To browse their various diagnostic tools visit our The Energy Conservatory store!  Call Tracy for specials:  1-800-989-6686

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